American Foods Group (AFG) is a 100% family owned and operated beef producer, located in the Midwest region of the USA. They are currently the 5th largest beef packer in the USA.

Why is AFG’s beef superior to other packers?
1) AFG works exclusively with independent farmers in the midwest since 1938 who have built an exemplary track record of raising cattle of the highest quality.

2) For a minimal cost difference, you get to enjoy USDA approved programmes such as “Super Prime” and “Server’s Choice” where the better cuts of USDA Choice and Prime are chosen to ensure consistency.

3) Corn, a staple for cattle’s growth, is largely grown in the midwestern states. This gives the farmers access to quality food for the cattle at relatively cheaper costs compared to non-mid western states who produce beef.

Super Prime

Super Prime is the highest tier of beef that USA can offer. A USDA approved programme, Super Prime is carefully selected by the in-house grader. To ensure consistency in marbling, only the top 20% of Prime qualifies as Super Prime.

Server’s Choice

Similar to Super Prime, Server’s Choice is the highest grade of USDA Choice Beef that USA has to offer and only the top 8% of the Choice grade makes it into this tier.
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